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What is BOX?

BOX is our cloud-based secure file storage solution.  It allows all MCO professionals to have mobile access any time of day to the files and information they need.  Think of it as a giant file cabinet able to store anything from documents to videos.  Oh, and it’s got a search bar, so you never have to go digging around to find what you need!

What can BOX do?

  • Securely store all sensitive information.
  • Create all needed client documents, such as Routine Progress & Treatment Plan Notes.
  • Allow MCO team members to send each other files and to collaborate together in real time on the same document.
  • Provide the freedom to access files from anywhere with internet access, including a smartphone.

How do I log-in?

You will be provided with access to all the folders in BOX needed.  Simply google BOX login and click on the word Login.  This will take you directly to the login page (you will likely want to bookmark this page to make it easier to login in future).   You will utilize your email address and be asked to create a password when you first log-in.  You are now able to access BOX.

You can also install the BOX App.  This app will allow you to login via you smartphone or device by using the email and password used above.  The app will also ask you to create a 4 number pin code.  This code will prevent others who have access to your device from accessing BOX.

It’s that simple 🙂