RENEWAL – “Healthy Leader Checkup”

Personal Growth & Healing

Through Professional Counseling

Equipping For The Work of The Ministry

As a campus pastor, you are responsible for providing leadership and guidance to countless students. Staying strong for the task through study, experience, and a strong commitment to personal growth is essential to success.

Intentionally engaging personal growth and healing empowers you to engage ministry as your best self. It also guards you against the predictable attacks of the enemy that could undermine your ministry.

To resource you for personal growth and healing Chi Alpha has partnered with MyCounselor.Online to provide you with a $600 scholarship towards a Healthy Leaders Checkup. (This Scholarship is available to XA “Appointed General” or “Career Associate” Missionaries, or District-appointed equivalents, once every 4 years.)

The ministry of professional counselors is focused on helping you have longevity, joy, and productivity in the work God has called you to. This happens by helping you develop a personal growth and healing plan.

Your counselor will help you identify areas for healing that could otherwise get in the way of your ministry and ways to propel your strengths to their fullest potential.

Get Started

To get started you simply complete the form below. You’ll enter your contact information and answer some straightforward questions to help make the best use of your time with the counselor.

Upon submission of this request form, MCO will contact you in order to set up your first session.  Please schedule your first session at that time, even if you wish to wait several weeks to begin.  If you are not sure that you want to begin sessions soon, be advised that if after 30 days you have not scheduled your first session, whenever that may be, we ask that you inform the XA Staff Care Specialist, (Garry)  and let him know in order to best manage our Scholarship Fund. Then, when you are ready, re-submit the request form once again.


The content of your sessions is completely confidential. The only information that will be relayed to Chi Alpha is verification that you have scheduled your first appointment. No other information about your sessions will be released without your request and written permission.

The purpose of these sessions is to resource and support your ministry, not evaluate you or screen you for eligibility.

RENEWAL - “Healthy Leader Checkup”

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